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Our Partnership Handbook Become Our Business Partner

Distribution Point Partnership Model

If you already have a store, you can start selling as a Jetmarket distribution point partner in 24 hours without paying any fee. In this business partnership model, you only pay a certain commission on your successful orders.

Name & Concept Partnership Model

If you already have a grocery store or market, with our Name & Concept business partnership model, your store can be transformed into Jetmarket concept, and you can increase your turnover by selling with a corporate identity within Jetmarket, and you can access the convenience of using fully automatic store management.

Franchise Branch Partnership Model

If you want to join the Jetmarket family, which is the new generation market system, and earn regular income every month, our Franchise Branch business partnership model is just for you. Your branch is made ready for sale by us and you will receive continuous professional support.


As Jetmarket, we aim for our business partners to manage their stores and increase their turnover by using technology in the best way possible.

Online Sales Applications

In-Store Selling Software

Stock Tracking & E-Invoice Integration

Over 1 Million Product Data

Instantly Updated Prices

Courier/Package Service System

Advertising and Marketing Support

Working with Corporate Identity

Taking Orders by Phone

Winning Solution Partnerships


How dowe work?

We are working to increase the turnover of our business partners with our four different working methods.

Online/Phone Order

We enable you to receive orders through our Hello Order Line, Mobile Application, Web Portal and mobile applications of our Solution Partners.

Current Product Data

With over 1 million product data, you can open the products you sell in excel format in seconds.

Software Support

With our solution partner cloud-based retail sales software, you can easily perform many operations such as stock tracking, profit/loss report, barcode/scale sales, cash register integration.

Integrated Courier System

You can easily work with your own courier or with our contracted solution partner courier systems, and you can deliver your orders to your customers on time.

Our PartnershipInformation Film

We have prepared an animated movie for you by gathering detailed information about our Business Partnership system. You can have more information about our system by watching our animated movie, and you can join us as knowledgeable.

Comments FromOur Business Partners

We've compiled some of the comments from our 100s of business partners for you.

Our MobileApplication

You can download our mobile application developed for Android & IOS platforms to your devices from the application markets.

For our Web Portal, you can visit our website.

Find OurNearestBusiness Partners!

You can use our map to examine our business partners in Turkey's 81 provinces and to view our closest business partners.

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Our 360°Sample Virtual Branch

You can have more detailed information about how to make an investment by visiting our 360° Sample Virtual Branch.

Frequently AskedQuestions

We answered some of the questions you wondered about for you. You can view the answer by clicking on the question.

You can join Jetmarket with your existing grocery store, greengrocer, butcher, patisserie, raw meatball and bakery business, and you can open your products for sale online within hours.

You can join Jetmarket with more than one business. However, in line with the system operation, you have a separate store management panel for each of your businesses.

If you are currently using a retail barcode sales software in your business, you can easily upload the excel file you will receive from the software you use in accordance with our excel product upload template, upload it to our system and start selling immediately.

If you do not have a software you are using, you can switch to our solution partner BenimPOS cloud-based barcode software, count all your products and add them to your stocks, then get a product list in excel and make it suitable for our excel product upload template, then you can easily upload it to our system and open it for sale.

As Jetmarket, we leave the locations you will serve entirely to your initiative. You can serve the neighborhoods you want by choosing the neighborhood from the point where your store is located. You can also edit the minimum basket amount and delivery time information on a neighborhood basis from your store management panel.

As Jetmarket, in line with the choices of our partner stores, we offer our customers food check/card payment methods such as Yemekmatik, Setcard, Sodexo, Ticket, Metropolcart, Multinet as well as Cash on Delivery, Card Payment at the Door, Payment in Store, Online Payment. You can choose which payment types you will accept from your store management panel.

Currently, if you are not using any barcode sales system, you can use our solution partner, BenimPOS Cloud Based Retail Sales software. You can easily use many features such as Inventory Tracking, Sales Screen, Detailed Reporting via BenimPOS.

As Jetmarket, we work in 2 different models at the order distribution point. You can deliver the orders sent to you with your own courier, or you can work with our solution partner courier systems.

You can only supply promotional materials such as bags, magnets, flyers and inserts produced with the Jetmarket logo and permission from Jetmarket. In case of detection of a supply outside of Jetmarket, the activities of your store in our system are terminated by applying a penal sanction pursuant to the contract. You can easily order our promotional materials through the Ocean panel sent to you.

Payments of your online payment orders made through our system are deposited into your bank account registered in our system at the end of the 14-day return period, which is the legal period in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

NOTE: If there is an unpaid commission fee in your account on the date of the payment, the balance of this commission fee will be deducted from the payment to be transferred to your account and the remaining amount will be transferred to your account.

Jetmarket organizes various campaigns to increase your sales within a certain date range.

These campaigns can usually be a percentage discount coupon or a gift product. For orders completed using percentage discount coupons, you must issue an invoice on the last day of each month in which the numbers of the relevant orders are indicated. If an error is not detected when your invoice, which you will send to us by opening a request through the Ocean panel, is checked, the amount of the invoice you have issued to us will be transferred to your bank account registered in our system.

In our campaigns in the form of gift products, we aim to increase the basket amount of the shopping that the customer will make from you, so we give various products as gifts in a way that will not harm your business. In this campaign model, the price of the product given as a gift is completely covered by you.

NOTE: In line with the agreements we have made with brands at certain times, the product to be gifted can be costed more appropriately to you through us. In this way, your business will not suffer any damage. On the contrary, you can gain new customers or make your existing customers shop more from your business.

When you present our promotional materials to your customers, you can receive orders over the phone. Calls from the customer are answered by our corporate call center, and the customer's record and order is created within minutes. You can send the order to your customer by viewing the order details in line with the notification to be sent to you.

NOTE: In case a different channel is offered to a customer in the Jetmarket portfolio other than our sales channels such as Mobile Application, Web Portal and Telephone Order, and if it is determined that a different flyer, contact number, and promotional material such as magnets are given to the customer, legal action will be initiated against you in accordance with the contract, criminal sanction will be initiated. and also your activities in our system are terminated.

Based on a minimum of 2 kilometers in your region, we provide location-based social media advertisements free of charge. In addition, in certain periods, various marketing activities such as billboards, stall dressing, brochure/insert distribution are carried out by us free of charge.

In our system, the minimum basket amount and the minimum delivery time are based on the neighborhood, completely depending on the rates you set from your store management panel. If you wish, you can add a delivery fee for baskets below a certain amount.

You can update the sales price and stock status of your products in the Jetmarket system manually or collectively with excel. With the integration that we will make with our solution partners very soon, information such as sales price and stock status will be updated automatically.

If you have a grocery store or market in Existing, and you want to move your business to the Jetmarket concept, gain a corporate look and continue your activities as a Jetmarket branch, you can apply through our Business partner page and easily transform your business in line with the report to be produced by our expert team.

While continuing your activities as a Jetmarket branch, you will continue to receive continuous expert support and marketing support from us.

If you do not have a grocery store or market in Current, and you want to be a part of this profitable investment project. You can apply through our business partner page, together with our expert team, your business is prepared and ready for sale in line with your investment budget.

In our franchise branch model, you can either run your own branch or choose to leave the operation of your branch to our expert team, while you take care of your life and get your profit at the end of each month.

How toBecome OurFranchise Branch Business Partner?

The operation of our Franchise Branch Business Partnership model consists of 8 stages and your application is completed by going through these stages.

To become our Franchise Branch Business Partner, you can apply by visiting the Make a Dealer Application link and filling out the necessary information in the form that opens.

Başvuru ve Ön Görüşme

Application and Preliminary Interview

Candidates who apply are contacted by phone and informed, and a preliminary interview is held with the candidates who are found suitable.
Adaylık Mektubu İmzalanması

Signing the Candidacy Letter

After signing the nomination letter with our franchisees whose candidacy applications are accepted, the store opening process begins.
Market Yeri Seçimi ve Kiralama

Market Place Selection and Rental

The most suitable market location for the market place standards determined for Jetmarket is selected together with our expert team.
Sözleşme Süreci

Contract Process

In accordance with the Jetmarket concept, the architectural project suitable for the market is drawn and the construction process is started.
Mimari İşler ve İnşaat Süreci

Architectural Works and Construction Process

Branch manager and team members, which are necessary for the healthy execution of branch operations, are recruited and necessary trainings are given.
Personel ve Ürün Alımı

Personnel and Product Procurement

The branch manager and team members and products necessary for the healthy execution of branch operations are purchased and necessary trainings are given.
Market Açılış Organizasyonu

Market Opening Organization

Together with the operation team, the products are made ready for sale and the opening is made. Welcome to the Profitable Online Market Jetmarket family!
Kazanmaya Başlayın

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OurAdvertising Films

We have compiled our commercials broadcast on television and digital media for you.

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